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Music classes for kids

We may travel different parts of the countries and may learnt different languages, tradition and culture but, music has no language barrier and it is unique that everyone can understand. Kids, adults have no age limit to learn music. Music has power that heals the mental related, music therapy for depression.

Everyone has his or her choice of music. It may be classical, folk music, pop or any other genre. Enjoyed by different age hierarchy children and adults, music universally connects the people. If you are a beginner and thinking how to play an instrument, it is not too late to pick up your musical skill.

We family music studio teaches with love in a very friendly atmosphere with an adept teachers. We are located endeavor hills of Australia. We do believe in encouraging the student learning at their own pace while supported by good structured teaching.

There is wide range of musical instruments from piano to guitar, violin to drum and guitar to keyboard. Our tutors follow the Australian Music Examination Board syllabus.

It simply takes time and practice in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Therapeutic benefits like relaxing mindful reflection encourages achieving goals.

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